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Microwave Bottle Steriliser

BPA Free

The fast and effici8ent way to sterilize your bottles and accessories, simply and safely.
Sterilises bottles in 5 to 8 minutes.
6 bottle capacity. Fits wide and narrow neck bottles and accessories.

This microwave steriliser will fit most full size microwaves. Holds up to 6 standard feeding bottles. Bottle holder included. Bottles not included.
Includes lid

NOTE: Before sterilising wash all bottles and bottle parts thoroughly.
1. Remove bottle and rack from base and pour 200ml of water into centre
compartment of base unit.
2. Place bottle rack inside base unit. Position bottles on rack. Bottles can be sterilised laid down sideways in steriliser if unable to fit standing up.
Place teats around handle. Position caps in slot provided. Slide screw rings over central handle.
Place lid on steriliser and place in microwave. Turn microwave on to full power for approximate times to sterilise:
5 minutes for 850 - 1100w
8 minutes for 500 - 800w

3. Lid may move during sterilising to allow steam to escape, this will not affect the sterilising.

Prevent Steam Burns. Allow to cool for a minimum of 2 minutes before opening or removing lid. Take care when opening and always open away from you.

Bottles will remain sterile for up to 3 hours if lid of steriliser is not removed

it is 17cm high & has a 24cm diameter., it holds up to 6 standard feeding bottles.