MEBO Wound Repair Cream 40g

***M E B O Wound Repair Cream ***

MEBO wound repair supports the immune response to fight infection and promotes natural skin healing, as well as minimising scarring.

* Accelerates wound healing by activating and sustaining the intrinsic regenerative potential of the skin and cultivating epidermal stem cells in situ and in vivo.
* Covers and protects wounds from infection and contamination.
* Utilizes breathable net-like gauze impregnated with MEBO Wound Ointment. which itself contains a unique micro-network formed by beeswax and sesame oil.
* Accelerates liquefaction of necrotic tissues to allow their easier and less painful removal with minimal injury of the residual viable tissues on the wound.
* Maintains wound in a physiological moist environment.
* Minimizes pain and the use of analgesics.
* Promotes quality of healing by reducing scarring.

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