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The safe and effective method of head lice removal and control in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: CLEAN - Licetec Shampoo - 100mL 

- Contains natural ingredients which condition the hair to make is silky, soft, and easy to untangle
- The formulation of the shampoo breaks the 'glue' that enables the eggs to cling to the hair shaft
- Makes it easier to remove the eggs
- gentle enough to use daily

Step 2: REMOVE - Licetec Nit Comb

- Removes head lice and eggs
- Quality stainless steel, rounded edge teeth
- Suitable for all hair types

Step 3: PROTECT - Licetec Head Lice Preventative Spray - 50mL 

- Assists in the control of head lice infestations
- Conditions and protects the hair
- Provides up to 24 hour protection
- Safe for daily use