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KORJO Emergency Cell Phone Charger & BONUS extra of 2 Alkaline batteries

Have you ever needed to make or receive important calls on your mobile to find that the battery has gone flat?

This ingenious charger that allows up to 60 minutes talk time when you need it!

40-60 minutes instant talk time
4-6 hours extra standby time.
STANDBY & talk times may vary according to phone type.
Suits most Nokia, Sony Ericcson, Siemens, Samsung and Motorola phones

2 x AA batteries included.

Nokia - 3210, 3310, 6100, 6210, 6610, 8210, 8250, 8850 and forth
Sony Ericsson - T60, T68i, T100, T600, T610, T630, K700i
Siemens - C25, C35i, S35i, M35i, 3508 and forth
Samsung - R208, N628 and forth
Motorola - V60, V66, V70 and forth

Always use fresh batteries as maximum talk time & standby time is achieved with fresh batteries.
For best results, recharge your phone BEFORE it is completely discharged. The phone batteries in some models can not be recharged from a completely discharged condition.