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Floome is a high-precision smartphone breathalyzer designed for the modern-day mobile user. The product utilizes the same sensor as found in breathalyzers used by law enforcement officers, as well as a new proprietary vortex technology. This technology measures a user’s BAC to deliver precise estimates directly to their smartphone.


Floome Design and Features

The first selling point behind the Floome is that it’s accurate. The cheap ones aren’t.  Visually, the design is super elegant and round, which fits nicely in the hand and slides easily in and out of your pocket. And since it plugs into your smartphone, batteries are not required. Your smartphone actually powers it.

The Floome is also outfitted with a removable cap so you can take it off and clean it. This is kind of a big deal considering its competition. Those units are much less hygenic than the Floome.

As mentioned, Floome works with your smartphone, via a pluggable, folding headphone jack, and an accompanying app, iPhone and Android, runs the device as well as offers several cool features. For example, if your blood alcohol level is too high, it’ll give you an estimate on how long it’ll be before you can get behind the wheel and automatically set up a reminder for you to blow again after that period of time passes.

The app can also hook you up with local cab services in your area at the touch of a button. And if you want to share with your friends how bombed you were the night before, you can also post your breathalyzer results on various social media platforms. Floome can also show you graphs of your previous results.

Floome uses fuel cell sensors to measure blood alcohol levels. Its “vortex whistle” measures breath flow rate and calculates volume. Together, the elements can provide an accurate measurement in seconds, and the company claims this is one of the most accurate consumer breathalyzers on the market today.

Testing the Floome

We gave the Floome it’s paces to see how well it worked, and we compared it to the Alcohoot, another product on the market that works pretty well. The Floome seemed very accurate and consistent with it’s measured data, while the Alcohoot had a deviation, which was a tad more scattered. We also calculated what we thought a reading would produce based on our subject’s weight, height and alcohol intake, and the Floome measured fairly close to our predictions.

If you share additional information with Floome, such as your gender, weight and height, the app will “learn” how each user metabolizes alcohol in order to provide more precise calculations on how long your recovery time is before you’re sober. The company says that lab tests show that the deviation between the Floome measurements and those of professional breathalyzers is less than 10 percent.