Fusion lubricants offer an amazing experience for both partners unique alone incredible together! Warming for one tingling for the other they make a great combination when they come together. Can be interchanged for a fun new experience.

Spice things up in the bedroom with Four Seasons Fusion Lubricant for couples! Warming for him and tingling for her, you'll have to brace yourself for an out of this world experience when they come together. Suitable for use with latex and non-latex condoms as well as on all parts of the body, grab yours now and save heaps on this top deal.

•Four Seasons Fusion His + Hers Lubricant 110mL
•Two different experiences
•Warming for him
•Tingling for her
•Can be interchanged for extra fun
•Suitable for use with latex and non-latex condoms
•Can be used on all parts of the body