Fifty Shades of Grey Tighten & Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls

Seeing as the Fifty Shades of Grey novels are at least partially responsible for the incredible popularity of the kegel ball, it's only natural that the Official Fifty Shades of Grey Weekend collection should contain a set of sensually weighty Tighten and Tense Jiggle Balls.

Providing discreet pleasure and sexual awareness along with an effortless kegel workout that naturally strengthens the pelvic floor, the 2.4 oz (68 grams) Balls help exercise the muscles for sexual pleasure, keeping the vaginal walls elastic and responsive to stimulation and pleasure.

The Tighten and Tense Jiggle Balls feature a design perfect for general beginners to pelvic weight systems, and just as suited to experts. Insert one of the two joined Balls to start off, graduate to both as the pelvic floor tones and strengthens. A long retrieval cord sits comfortably outside the body during wear, allowing for easy removal and manual manipulation.

The Tighten and Tense Jiggle Balls are of a completely body safe, phthalate free and extremely hygienic 100% silicone, perfectly hypoallergenic and ideal for users with very sensitive skin. Always enjoy a great-quality water based lubricant if desired, avoid silicone lubes and contact with other silicone toys and products.

The Tighten and Tense Jiggle Balls are 6.5 inches (16.5cm) in total, 2.9 inches (7.3cm) insertable and 1.25 inches (8.3cm) in diameter each