Dax Vegetable Oil Shampoo helps remove grease and wax and is a great conditioner. Don't hold back. Grease up well. And when its time to wash out the grease or wax, Dax Vegetable Oil Shampoo helps remove oils, pomades, sheen sprays, and other hair dressings while it cleans and conditions hair and scalp. Leaves hair naturally lustrous, silky and extra soft. Hair becomes managable and ready to add fresh styling products. Won't strip color. Removal of heavy applications of pomades and waxes may require first washing hair with a grease cutting detergent, then doing a final shampooing with DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo.

Please note...As far as we know, there is NO shampoo which COMPLETELY washes any petroleum or wax based product. These pomades and waxes are intended NOT to wash out easily. This and other degreasing shampoos can only aid in washing out these products. Several applications are often necessary and degreasing products such as dish detergent are recommended