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Clear Eyes Redness - can provide relief for your red irritated eyes.

When you work too hard or play too hard, the surface of your eyes can sometimes become red and irritated causing the blood vessels in the eyes to swell, making the eyes look red.

Helps to relieve:

- Red Eye
- Eye Irritation
- Burning Eye
- Gritty Eye

Clear Eyes Redness can provide relief for your red irritated eyes.

How does Clear Eyes work?

The Vasoconstrictor & Decongestant action reduces unsightly blood vessels and brightens eyes for up to 8 hours, while the lubricant prolongs relief and improves eye comfort.

Active Ingredients:
Clear Eyes Redness contains:

Naphazoline Hydrochloride (0.012%)

Also contains:
boric acid, sodium borate, disodium edentate, glycerol, purified water, and benzalkonium chloride as a preservative.


Tilt head back, squeeze 1 or 2 drops into each eye up to 4 times a day.


First, check with your Pharmacist that Clear Eyes Redness is right for you
Do not touch bottle tip to any surface since this may contaminate the solution. This product should not be used by individuals suffering from glaucoma or serious eye diseases. Remove contact lenses before use. Discard contents 4 weeks after opening.

If symptoms persist or you have side effects, discontinue use and consult your health professional.