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The Chicco Natural Feeling First Starter Set gives you the best start with your bottle feeding experience
The Chicco teats are made of ultra-soft silicone and smooth, to ensure a natural feel while feeding.
The special silicone "mother" effect of the Chicco teat, the softness and flexibility of the teat helps to reproduce the natural sucking and can help facilitate switching between breast and bottle feeding.

Exclusive inclined teat:  The teat of the bottle allows a natural suction, just like the mother's breast. (150mL Bottle) Double anti-colic valve: Ensures maximum protection from colic. Teat:  Made with hygienic silicone, odourless and tasteless Designed to reduce regurgitation and hiccups.

2x bottles 150ml slow flow (BPA Free plastic bottles)

2x bottles 250ml medium flow (BPA Free plastic bottles)
1x teat adjustable 4m+( with inclined teat)
1x natural feeling silicone 0m+ soother
1x 3 in 1 bottle brush