Bushman Insect Repellent Heavy Duty 75g 80% deet

***Bushman Insect Repellent Heavy Duty Gel 75g***

This is a serious heavy duty insect repellant that really works. None of your "eco friendly, ask the insects to leave nicely with a weird smell" here! This is hard core, keep you from being bitten, 80% DEET protection.


• Ultra Dry & Non Greasy
• Very Low Odour
• Heavy Duty
• Water Resistant
• Built in Sunscreen
• Shelf life of 6 years+
• Up to 15 hours protection

Bushman ‘Heavy Duty’ & ‘Plus’ Gels contain our proven ‘DRYGEL’ technology. This means that when applied to your skin they quickly dry to a point where you are no longer aware of them, but the bugs certainly are. Now you can enjoy longer lasting protection from bloodseeking insects.

***Bushman DryGel the Ultimate Bug Repellent***

‘When travelling we recommend storing/carrying Bushman tubes in a ziplock plastic bag’

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