Bambino Mio Bio Liners 100 Sheet Pack

Bambino Mio Bio Liners 100 Sheet Pack disposable liners

What are you doing for Diapers???

Parents in 70 countries have already chosen the Bambino Mio system because of the great benefits: less diaper rash, six months earlier potty training, substantial cost savings, and keeping disposables out of landfills. Even if you choose to use Bambino Mio only part of the time, you, your baby and the environment will benefit greatly.

Cloth Diapers? These cloth diapers from Bambino Mio are not your ordinary cloth diaper. Bambino Mio cotton nappies require no soaking, no pins, no rubber pants. The Bambino Mio products are better for Parents! The Bambino Mio nappies are not thrown away, but reused so they offer substantial cost savings over disposables.

Thanks to the diaper service grade quality Bambino Mio may easily be used with a second or third child, which will significantly increase the overall savings!!

1. Simple and convenient to use
2. One-way liners allow moisture to pass through but prevent it seeping back onto baby's skin
3. Liners retain solids to help prevent soiling of the nappy
4. Biodegradable 100%, they are safe to flush away without harming the environment
5. Convenient rolls with tear-off sheets. Contains 100 liners
6. 100% viscose

Bambino Mio has won 2 Practical Parenting Awards for 2009/2010!! One award for the Bambino Mio Training Pants and one for the Nappy System! This means Bambino Mio now has a total of 32 consumer awards!!

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