3x DAX WAX Green and Gold 99g each

*** 3x GREEN & GOLD DAX WAX 99g each***

Use DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo to clean hair of oils, sheen sprays, and hair dressings. Leaves hair soft, clean, manageable & most of all beautiful. See our listing on Trademe.

Dax Red is a thick hair dress that brings out the natural wave pattern of short hair.
Provides a superior hold.
Can be used for spiking sculpting and creating stiff definition.
Best if used on short hair.
Apply to clean damp or dry hair.
Clean hair after product use with Dax Vegetable Oil Shampoo.

Maybe have a look at our combo deal.
(Red or blue, or green ) Dax and the Dax Vegetable shampoo.

Collections: Beauty & Fragrance

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