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Pjur (say Pure) Woman Aqua Gel

pjur Woman was designed especially for women, tailored to their comfort, pleasure, and sensuality. No perfumes or preservatives are used in the formula. pjur Woman was specifically developed for a woman's soft and sensitive skin.

pjur Woman is a moisturizer and massage fluid with an extremely long-lasting lubricating effect, giving you all the time in the world. Even if the moisture of the mucous membranes is out of balance - whether due to stress, surgery, childbirth, or menopause - pjur Woman makes you feel new again.

Experience the wonderful, silky smooth feeling with just two drops of pjur Woman. For those special moments
- a girl's best friend.

Embrace your sensuality with pjur.

Expiry 9/2021

pjur Woman Liquid Water Formulation is not a contraceptive.

Safe for daily use. Enjoy pjur Foam Water Formulation.

Latex Safe. Made in Germany.