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The Power Pump advanced pumping system features single-handed operation for your pleasure and convenience, as well as a quick-release push-button valve to let you get in on the action when the time is right

The Power Pump comes equipped with a removable multi-speed bullet vibrator to help make your pumping experience even more enjoyable.

Constructed of heavy-duty medical-grade plastic and rubber, the Power Pump works by inducing a pressure difference between the inside of the suction chamber and outside, allowing for greater quantities of blood to flow in the penis. The result is a bigger, stronger penis that can stay hard for longer

The Power Pump can also be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and is great for improving your sexual stamina, and contributes to minimizing the risks of premature ejaculation

The Power Pump is scientifically designed and engineered to help you achieve bigger, stronger, longer and harder erections, and do so in pleasure and comfort, thanks to its leak-minimizing latex-coated base, quick release valve and integrated bullet vibrator.

Whether used by itself or in conjunction with a penis stretcher, this high-quality manual penis pumping device can help you reach your goals faster and safer than you would have thought possible

• Heavy duty construction
• Multi-speed bullet vibrator for enhanced pleasure
• Push-button quick release valve
• Latex-coated base