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ELLGY PLUS Cracked Heel Cream 1 pack of 50g

Some of us deal with problems in our body that at times seem to never go away. One of those problems is the presence of dry, flaky, or cracked heels. The cause can be multifactorial. It could be due to inadequate moisture in our feet or it can also be due to inadequate cleaning (rinsing) which leaves residues of soap in our heel, causing it to dry out and flake eventually. Ellgy plus Cracked Heel Cream works wonders. Its intensive moisturizing system softens and soothes dry and rough heel because it works on and below the surface of the skin. It contains a water magnet, which is called Saccharide isomerate, which attracts water to keep the heels moisturized. It also contains an essential fatty acid which strengthens the upper layer of the skin, sealing in the moisture and keeping our feet smooth and soft. This cream is applied at least 2x a day or as often as you could, after cleaning and drying the feet.