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NUK Flexi Cup 300mL with straw

- Practical, silicone straw, holds 300mL
- Spill-proof
- Ultra-lightweight, shatterproof polypropylene (PP), BPA-free
- Protective cap with practical clip

Drinking fun for children over 24 months: children of this age really like drinking with a straw. With the NUK Flexi Cup they can, as they play, quite easily drink the daily amount of liquid recommended by nutritionists. And without any splashes: a new type of vent makes it spill-proof and prevents liquid remaining in the straw, so nothing can squirt out when the cup is opened.

The NUK Flexi Cup has all the product properties of a polypropylene bottle – as it is resilient, light and BPA-free.

NUK Flexi Cup - 100% fun when drinking for children over 24 months.