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***NUK Active Cup 300ml – 12 months plus***

The Active Cup is a larger wide-grip training cup for toddlers with 300ml capacity.

• soft latex spout - leak proof (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS LATEX)

• Anti-Air swallowing design

• large 300ml capacity

• removable side-clip for attaching to bags and straps when out on the go

• colourful fun motifs

• very robust, it can take a lot of throwing around by an active little one!

This is ideal for daytrips. It does not have volume measurements on the side. This is constructed with Poly Propelene which is a BPA-free material

Whats Included?
Nuk Active Cup 300ml 1 pc
Detachable side clip 1 pc
Hygienic spout cover 1 pc
Soft Spout (leak proof) 1 pc

For children aged 12 months and upwards