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The Aircycle is an inflatable exerciser; it enables you to easily and gently exercise your feet, legs, and hands from a sitting position without weight-bearing activity.

Designed for those with restricted mobility, either as a result of health problems or occupation, it offers an easy and convenient way for you to improve your circulation, leg strength, joint flexibility, and to control pain.

The Aircycle is composed of two foot-shaped chambers which you partly inflate with air. By sitting in a comfortable position and using a pedalling action, the built in resistance encourages movement and circulation, delivering you a wealth of health benefits.

Among other things these benefits include relieving foot numbness, helping to improve leg circulation, reducing ankle swelling, relieving aching legs, and helping to prevent night cramps. The Aircycle is a fantastic product for proactive symptom management of Parkinson's, arthritis, and diabetes.

Deflatable, easy to use, and discreet: Take it with you to the office, or while travelling

The Aircycle provides you with an affordable, and simple way to manage your health where ever you are - whether you're in front of the TV at home, at the office, or travelling.

By coming packed in a small bag, the Aircycle can be both easily inflated and deflated for your convenience. It can easily fit into your pocket, purse, or suitcase making it easy to take with you either on holiday, in the car or plane, or to the office!

Improve leg circulation, ease foot numbness and aching legs. Take advantage of a vast array of other health benefits gently and easily with the Aircycle!