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•MAM supports breastfeeding and understands that many women will often experience some difficulty with the process
•Some mothers experience sore or cracked nipples while others may have inverted nipples that make it difficult for baby to latch onto.
•To assist these mothers through the process of breastfeeding MAM has developed a new and advanced nipple shield, called the MAM Care Nipple Shield
•The MAM Care Nipple Shield has been developed after extensive consultation with doctors, health care professionals and experienced parents
•Made from soft, thin, flexible silicone the MAM shields have a “breast-like” feel. The shields uses MAM’s advanced Silk Teat
•The oval nipple shape closely imitates a mother’s nipple shape when baby is breast-feeding
•Each shield contains very soft knobbles that are great for baby’s skin and also allow air to circulate
•Designed specifically to provide the baby with maximum contact with mothers skin whilst feeding, they are narrow in shape
•Two-packs MAM Care Nipple Shields come complete with a sterilisable carry case for hygienic and dry storage, making them ideal for travel.