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Nuk Silicone Cover for FirstChoice Glass 240ml bottle x 1

Suitable for all NUK 240ml bottles (above)
A transparent protective cover for the glass bottles
Like a second skin around the glass bottles, additional protection
Prevent scratches, cracks and chips
Prevent splinters – by containing broken glass pieces in case glass bottle fall and breakage
No more broken glass pieces flying/bouncing around and poses potential harm/hazards for your little baby
With the Silicone Sleeve Cover on, the glass bottles more slip resistance and ensure a better secure grip, especially wetted hands when preparing feeds
Wide collar and button, convenient, easy to open, apply, and fix on the glass bottle
With practical scale window to allow a peep or inspect on remaining milk/feeds quantity
Available in transparent blue or pink colour

Many parents appreciate baby bottles made of glass, because they are durable, environmentally friendly, hygienic and easy to clean. But the concern of the glass breaking once your little one started to learn how to throw things often held things back. With the NUK Silicone Sleeve Cover, this concern is now part of the past. This practical accessory protects the NUK glass bottle from scratches, cracks and splinters. Comes in elegant colour of transparent blue or pink, the NUK Silicone Sleeve Protective Cover is definitely looking great for either baby boy or girl.

Bottle sold separately